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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
At UCI we thank about the big picture. We think about our role as one of the largest Real-Estate Developers in a young and emerging market. Now only erecting stand-out commercial buildings and creating great living communities, but we also think about developing our industry, and raising the constructions standards, and our responsibility to our community. We think about how our projects inspire proper urban planning and minimize environmental impact. We think about building sustainably and with great care about our air, water, and land.

We think about these things so that our customers, working partners, and shareholders do not have to.

The Greenest Company in Palestine.

In Palestine, UCI is the largest investor in sustainable urban development and the use of renewable energy. We uphold the highest construction standards and have been pioneers in the area of sustainable construction in the Middle East region. Through our award winning subsidiary, MENA Geothermal, we have installed energy saving geothermal heating & cooling systems in each of our residential and commercial projects.

Our geothermal system installations save a combined 300,000 kWh of electricity consumptions, 140,000 L of diesel fuel, 310,000 kg of CO2 emission every single year. This number increases every year as we strive to create a sustainable Palestine for future generations to come.

Supporting Development, Education, Art and Heritage

Culture, heritage, education, and activism are the foundations of Palestinian identity. That is why UCI donates to and supports various local Palestinian organizations such as Wishah Popular Dance Troupe, the Arab Women Union Society, Al-Karameh Pledge, and the Right to Enter Campaign.

Bringing Palestine to Palestinians

To Palestinians worldwide, owning land in Palestine is priceless. Land represents a Palestinian’s identity, his roots, and his proof of existence. It is his ancestry, his forefather’s legacy and children’s birthright. It is the place from which he came, and to which he shall return. Now, through it’s TABO Development, UCI makes it possible for Palestinians to reclaim their legacy, reconnect with the land of their ancestors, and own a piece of the homeland, for them, for their children, and for generations to come.