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Kober Affordable Housing Project

Through its landmark projects in Palestine, UCI has earned a reputation as the country’s leading developer of sustainable residential communities. The successful completion of the acclaimed Etihad Subdivision, the largest residential subdivision in Palestine, is a testament to the ability of UCI to translate its visions into reality.

With UCI’s objective of building a future for Palestine, and with a keen awareness of the pressing needs of Palestinians in the coming years, UCI proudly presents the Kober Affordable Housing Project. Located just 13 km from the bustling city-center of Palestine’s most vibrant city, Ramallah, this unique residential community will be home to 3,027 residents.

Built on an area of 60,000 m2, the Kober Affordable Housing Project will contain 34 buildings that comprise of 522 apartments ranging in size from 120 m2 to 137 m2, producing a total built up area of 67,500 m2.

Utilizing an highly advanced and unique construction method that saves time and reduces costs, Kober is able to offer its residents comfortable and affordable living in well-appointed units, with all the advantages of a properly planned community. With prices of individual units planned at under $70,000 USD, and with UCI’s financial partners offering long-term mortgage facilities, quality living has never been so affordable.

Most notably, the Kober Affordable Housing Project is planned to be a sustainable and affordable community in the truest sense; not only in its tree-lined streets, and efficient design, but in its utilization of a state-of-the-art District Geothermal Heating & Cooling system*. Through its subsidiary, MENA Geothermal, UCI plans to install a district heating and cooling system that will rely on geothermal technology to supply heated and chilled water to all 522 units. With this renewable source, residents can have all their space conditioning needs met with a highly efficient and environmentally friendly system expected to reduce the entire development’s energy consumption by an astounding 70%, and enormously reduce CO2 emissions. With such annual operating cost savings, residents of the Kober community will know the true meaning of affordability.

With such bold ideas, the Kober Affordable Housing Project holds true to UCI’s vision of building Palestine and meeting the needs of Palestinians with the attributes that have become synonymous with the UCI name: Quality, Innovation, Sustainability.

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